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"Addressing the crime and behavioral health crisis in our community is a top priority that takes leadership and collaboration at all levels—which is why I have been working in Congress since day one to bring resources home to support state, local, and tribal leaders in addressing the public safety challenges that affect our state.  Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman is on the front lines, working to get and keep dangerous criminals off our streets and stem the tide of violent crime and drug trafficking affecting our communities, which is why I am proud to support DA Bregman’s election next year for for a full term as District Attorney."

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"I have lived in Albuquerque most of my life and have seen first hand the damage caused to our community by crime, especially in recent years. Not only in my professional life, where I work with community organizations in the city, but also serving as a State Legislator and Speaker of the House, I am constantly reminded how prevalent this problem is and the importance of finding immediate solutions. That is exactly why I am supporting Sam Bregman to continue the impactful work that he has started as District Attorney. We need strong leaders to take on crime in our community and Sam has shown that in just a short amount of time, he has become one of those people."

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"Having been not only a resident of Albuquerque for decades, but also as a state lawmaker, I have seen how our community has been affected by crime and the toll that it takes. Everyone in our county has felt the effects; our businesses, our families, our children. As a leader in the Senate, I have worked tirelessly to help find solutions to this problem which is why I am proud to support Sam Bregman in his effort to continue serving our community as District Attorney. I have known Sam for many years now and I can definitively say that I know of no greater advocate for the people. In his short time as District Attorney, he has already had a tremendous impact in our efforts to fight crime in the city."


  • Brenda McKenna - State Senator, District 9

  • Linda Lopez - State Senator, District 11

  • Jerry Ortiz y Pino - State Senator, District 12

  • Bill O'Neill - State Senator, District 13

  • Michael Padilla - Senate Majority Whip, District 14

  • Antionette Sedillo Lopez - State Senator, District 16

  • Bill Tallman - State Senator, District 18

  • Moe Maestas - State Senator, District 26

  • Andres Romero - State Representative, District 10

  • Art de la Cruz - State Representative, District 12

  • Patricia Roybal Caballero - State Representative, District 13

  • Miguel Garcia - State Representative, District 14

  • Dayan Hochman-Vigil - State Representative, District 15

  • Yanira Gurrola - State Representative, District 16

  • Cynthia Borrego - State Representative, District 17

  • Debra Sariñana - State Representative, District 21

  • Christine Trujillo - Former State Representative, District 25

  • Marian Matthews - State Representative, District 27

  • Joy Garratt - State Representative, District 29

  • John Allen - Bernalillo County Sheriff

  • Barbara Baca - Bernalillo County Commissioner, District 1

  • Eric Olivas - Bernalillo County Commissioner, District 5

  • Isaac Benton - Former Albuquerque City Council, District 2

  • Pat Davis - Former Albuquerque City Council, District 6


  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 480

  • United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry Local 412

  • Ironworkers Local 495

  • Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 16

  • New Mexico Building Construction & Trades Council

  • Albuquerque Police Officers' Association

  • Teamsters Local 492

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